BIGICO, grand labo, 5th edition – week 2

MARCH 28. 29 | 7:30PM

MARCH 30 | 4PM + 7:30PM

BIGICO, Biennale de Gigue Contemporaine, is a specialized dance presenter since 2005.

These traditional dancers insist on re-inventing contemporary gigue, a form in continuous mutation.
They delight in breaking open conventions to bear witness to the 21st century, imagine audacious urban
languages composed of bodies uprooted and unbridled triplets. The Québec jig, an art of life.

General and artistic director : Lük Fleury

120 pieds

Yaëlle & Noémie Azoulay

10 minutes

Choreographers and perfromers : Yaëlle & Noémie Azoulay
Rehearsal manager : Delphine Veronneau
Original music : Dominique Rheault

Les boîtes à musique

Mélody Clermont

10 minutes

Choreographer : Mélody Clermont
Performers : Mélody Clermont, Élizabeth Pelletier-Ouimet, Antoine Turmine


Sandrine Martel-Laferrière

10 minutes

Choreographer : Sandrine Martel-Laferrière
Performers : Sandrine Martel-Laferrière, Maude Gobeil, Sandrine Gobeil, Sébastien Talbot
Dramaturge and kuroko : Sébastien Talbot
Original music : Raphaël Reed

La pyramide du sauveur

Philippe Meunier

15 minutes

Choreographer and performer : Philippe Meunier
Conception and video editing : Philippe Meunier
Rehearsal manager : Jean-Philippe Lortie
Camera : Ian Yaworski
Music : Metamorphosis 1, 3 et 4 / Philip Glass
Sound designer : Philippe Meunier

La métaphysique de l'instinct

Ian Yaworski

15 minutes

Choreographer : Ian Yaworski
Performers : Marylo L-Hétu and Ian Yaworski
Stylisme : Isabelle Yaworski

In co-presentation with