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Our artistic vision is to present on our stages a diversity of forms, of ideas, and of emerging dance artists’ current preoccupations. Witness to the evolution of trends in the performing arts, we define ourselves as a space where inventiveness, exploration, and the desire to see an idea right to the end are encouraged and valued. With our two intimate spaces with multiple possible layouts, we invite artists to think about content as much as about the relationship between the work and the audience.

Depending on your profile, one of two options is available: Danses Buissonnières, for recently graduated dance artists, or the open call for local artists.

About our curators

Our curators maintain an open door policy, continuously holding conversations with emerging local choreographers, attending live performances of their work, and visiting them in the studio. Any artist interested in presenting their work at Tangente is invited to submit a project through our annual open call. The curatorial team makes the final selection of artistic projects according to specific criteria (such as ingenuity, experimentation, potential impact, lucidity). Once a spot in our season is assured, we refrain from intervening in the creative process, often discovering the finished work on opening night. Along the way, we offer artists technical and promotional support, as well as a guaranteed fee. As with the curation of a visual arts exhibition, we develop a thematic framework for each performance event, often by putting two or more works together in the same evening.

Call for artists for the 2021-2022 season

Given the exceptional nature of the current situation, the deadline to submit a project as part of the call for artists for the 2021-2022 season has been extended by two weeks. Therefore, you have until April 15, 2020 to submit your application. Our curatorial team will make final choices concerning Canadian projects and responses will be sent no later than eight weeks after the application deadline.

Priority is given to projects by Montréal-based artists in the early stages of their career. However, we invite emerging Canadian artists to submit a project. The international projects that are part of our season are carried out in collaboration with partnering organizations that are part of Tangente’s national and international networks. However, if you come to Montréal, we would be happy to meet you.


How to submit a project if you are a Canadian artist

1st step: Make sure that your project is aligned with Tangente’s artistic vision.

2nd step: Artists wishing to meet a member of the curatorial team in order to assess the suitability of their project for Tangente’s programming must make an appointment by sending an email to [email protected] and writing “Call for Artists 2021-2022” followed by their first and last names in the subject line.

If you are not in Montréal, a Skype meeting is possible.

3rd step: Completely fill out the form below and send it as a Word document to [email protected], adding Julie Deschênes in the cc field.


Types of eligible projects

  • Choreographic works: live performance, digital art, or video;
  • Hybrid projects: proposals that veer away from the classical use of stage representational codes, whether they be durational performances, performances that actively involve spectators, that merge artistic disciplines, or that move towards nonstandard experiences.

Available spaces

  • Espace Françoise Sullivan (Espace Orange)
  • Espace Dena Davida (Espace Vert)
  • Café-bar and walkway

Who is the open call for?

  • Emerging professional contemporary dance/movement artists
  • Interdisciplinary collectives that include dancers

Open call form – 2021-2022

Facebook event

Application for the open call


Send your project to [email protected], adding [email protected] in cc, before April 15, 2020.

Danses Buissonnières 2021

Danses Buissonnières is an annual program presented by Tangente, dedicated to choreographers in the early stages of their career, whether they have recently graduated or are self-taught.

Over 4 consecutive evenings, as part of its 2021-22 season, Tangente will present the work of 3 selected emerging choreographers and/or collectives. This program will take place in September 2021 at ÉDIFICE WILDER – Espace danse in Espace Dena Davida (Espace Vert – 65 seats).

Tangente assists the artists as they experience the entire process of producing, mounting, and presenting their performance. The professional choreographers/collectives will be chosen with care after auditions and the examination of their project by a jury of emerging choreographers with diverse artistic visions. Selected works must be new, must not have been previously presented, and must be no more than 15 minutes.


Rules (PDF)

Application form (Word)

Application for the Danses Buissonnières auditions


Send your project to [email protected] before February 22, 2021.

Call for artists for Habitations

**Our 2021-2022 Habitations project is currently full. We are not taking any new applications at this moment.**

How to submit a project?

1st step: Make sure that your project is aligned with Tangente’s artistic vision and that it will take place during the 2021-2022 season.

2nd step: Anyone interested in submitting a project must meet Tangente’s curator Marco Pronovost beforehand. To make an appointment, send an email to [email protected]

3rd step: After determining with our curator the relevance of your project to Tangente’s programming, completely fill out the form below and send it as a Word document to our curator Marco Pronovost, adding Julie Deschênes in the cc field.


Type of eligible projects

  • Open-ended research project for a group of artists over 1 or 2 weeks

Available space

  • Espace Dena Davida (Espace Vert)

Who are Habitations for?

  • Emerging professional contemporary dance/movement artists
  • Interdisciplinary collectives that include dancers