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Our artistic vision is to present on our stages a diversity of forms, of ideas, and of emerging dance artists’ current preoccupations. Witness to the evolution of trends in the performing arts, we define ourselves as a space where inventiveness, exploration, and the desire to see an idea through to the end are encouraged and valued.

Depending on your profile, one of two options is available: Danses Buissonnières, for recently graduated dance artists, or the open call for local artists.

Danses Buissonnières 2023

Danses Buissonnières is an annual program presented by Tangente, dedicated to choreographers in the early stages of their career, whether they have recently graduated or are self-taught.

Over 4 consecutive evenings, as part of its 2023-2024 season, Tangente will present the work of 5 selected emerging choreographers and/or collectives. This program will take place from October 7 to 10, 2023 in Espace Dena Davida (Espace Vert – 65 seats) of ÉDIFICE WILDER – Espace danse. The load-in day will be on Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

Tangente assists the artists as they experience the entire process of producing, mounting, and presenting their performance. The professional choreographers/collectives will be chosen with care after interviews and the examination of their project by a jury of emerging choreographers with diverse artistic visions. Selected works must be new, must not have been previously presented, and must be no more than 10 minutes.


Rules (PDF)

Registration Form (Word)

Application for Danses Buissonnières and Interviews


Send your project to [email protected] before February 20, 2023. The interviews will take place in March 2023.

Call for artists for the 2024-2025 season

The next project submission will take place in the fall of 2023. Take this opportunity to get in touch with the curatorial team and discuss what you’d like to explore!

LABdiff, a New Model!

In an effort to revamp its creation and programming models, Tangente has added a new approach to stimulate artistic practices. LABdiff is a new model designed to encourage the creative process and its transformations, supporting selected artists through incubation and creative experimentation phases.

LABdiff encourages advanced exploration and creation as well as a laboratory-inspired approach to presentation, connecting artists, communities, and the public in order to forge new links between practices and dialogues.

LABdiff: Artistic support program over the course of one year in Espace Vert (research and creation – technical experimentation – presentation of the process).


LABdiff (How It Works)

Artists selected for LABdiff through a call for artists will be guided over the course of a season through three distinct steps of the creative process: 1) research + creation, 2) technical experimentation, and 3) presentation of the process. These steps were elaborated to help artists present their creative process to the public while also allowing them to experiment. Note that the curators do not intervene as dramaturgs or creative advisors; rather, they serve as supporters, activators, and facilitators.

1) Research + Creation: A one-week residency without technical support in Espace Vert, allowing artists to focus on creation while getting to know Tangente’s team.

2) Technical Experimentation: Following the research + creation residency, a one-week technical residency in Espace Vert with a basic lighting plan and 2­-3 special options provided by Tangente. This technical residency gives artists the opportunity to understand, master and experiment with the tools, and to explore technical elements. Tangente’s aim is to support and encourage technical experimentation and collaboration between artists and designers (lighting, sound, costume, set, etc.).

3) Presentation of the Process: A third week devoted to laboratories that are open to the public. The LABdiff evenings take the form of a triple bill, with three short performances over three evenings (with minimal technical needs). The goal is to present the work in progress, encourage artistic exploration, trial, risk, error, and share these research and creation efforts with the public. Tangente’s aim is to build a thought-sharing community, open the creative process to a wider public, and foster dialogue with its communities and audiences.


Who Is the Open Call For?

  • The LABdiff project is aimed at local artists, or at Canadian artists who can cover the expenses incurred and be available for the residencies
  • All projects must already have gone through a first research and/or creation phase
  • Emerging professional contemporary dance/movement artists
  • Interdisciplinary collectives that include dancers


Ongoing Programming

The other option offered by this new curatorial model is more traditional and takes place in Espace Orange. There is no call for artists for this programming. The works, presented as single or double bills in Espace Orange, are solicited directly by the curatorial team. The work is in its final presentation stage.


Available Spaces

Tangente rethinks and repurposes its spaces in order to better support dance artists and provide them with new opportunities. Our team remains open to different experimentation models and will adapt to artists’ needs. Under this model, only Espace Vert is open for the call for artists.

About our curators

Our curators maintain an open-door policy, continuously holding conversations with emerging local choreographers, attending performances of their work, and visiting them in the studio. Any artist interested in presenting their work at Tangente is invited to submit a project through our annual open call. Before submitting a project, we invite you to talk about it with one of our curators. The final selection of artistic projects is made by the curatorial team. The clarity, relevance, and originality of the theme or of the reflection, as well as the coherence and the command of the proposal and of the process, are the main selection criteria. In the context of LABdiff, curators may be present to provide support at all stages (formulation of the research question, references, intermediaries, etc.), help connect artists with resources if needed (outside eye, dramaturg, set designer, etc.), and facilitate encounters and exchanges with the public. Artists have full freedom with respect to their creation. Tangente offers technical and promotional support, as well as a guaranteed fee, but doesn’t intervene in any way in the artistic content.