Young audiences project


APRIL 6 & 7, 2023 - 7PM

APRIL 8, 2023 - 4PM


Discussion with the artists after each performance

Tangente would like to thank Diffusion En Scène | Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault and Pôle Territoire Danse, partners of our program A Show for Young Audiences. Artists Rosalie Dell’Aniello and Marie Fannie Guay benefited from residencies thanks to our partners.
Rosalie Dell’Aniello & Marie Fannie Guay benefited from residencies offered by Tangente.
45 minutes

Rosalie Dell’Aniello & Marie Fannie Guay

Où sont tes épaules quand tu donnes des coups de pied

What’s the difference between a group and a team? In this teen-oriented performance, five women get together for a match fueled by their combined experiences. Are they friends, strangers, opponents, blood relatives, or chosen family? Où sont tes épaules quand tu donnes des coups de pied celebrates sisterhood through dance theatre and movement exploration inspired by soccer. Fraternity has long been a universal symbol of solidarity, but how can the nuances specific to sorority influence our relationships today?

Choreographers Rosalie Dell’Aniello and Marie Fannie Guay

Performers Sabrina Dupuis, Jessica Gauthier, Tessie Isaac, Sona Pogossian, Jacqueline van de Geer, Marie Eve Quilicot

Live musician and sound designer Kayiri

Lighting designer Flavie Lemée

Costume and accessory designer, and set co-designer Manon Guiraud

Technical director and set co-designer Jenny Huot

Artistic advisor Annie Gagnon

Co-producer Tangente

Born of a strong impulse to co-create and develop our own dance theatre language for teenage audiences, this project is rooted in our friendship and our positive and empowering experience of sisterhood.

Wishing to experience sorority at the very heart of the process, we have gathered a team of performers with different backgrounds to explore this concept based on their different postures and the collective strength that can emanate from their encounter. From a gestural point of view, it is the characteristics of power and amplitude of soccer movements, in which we rarely see female bodies, that inspired our research.

Oscillating between physical and theatrical explorations, we work from directed improvisations, making room for the creative contribution of each collaborator. Our approach is to weave a thread through the moments of sorority that unfold before us.

Rosalie Dell’Aniello graduated in acting from École de théâtre professionnel du Collège Lionel-Groulx and has worked in the cultural milieu as a performer, director, and producer. In addition to performing and creating for various cultural organizations (DynamO Théâtre, Théâtre du Portage, CIBL, Théâtre de la Botte Trouée), Rosalie Dell’Aniello is developing her expertise in cultural mediation as part of the Rencontre Théâtre Ados team. Having a strong interest in creation and a strong background in gymnastics, movement and the orientation of the body in the space is what guides her career. She has been working for several years with Marie Fannie Guay, with whom she shares the desire to deepen a common artistic approach combining dance and theatre while addressing young audiences. Où sont tes épaules quand tu donnes des coups de pied is her first creation as a choreographer.

An UQAM graduate in both Acting and Cultural and Media Production Strategies, Marie Fannie Guay works today as a performer, creator, producer, and cultural mediator. With a background in dance and gymnastics, she has oriented her career as a performer towards physical theatre. She has appeared in Et si Roméo et Juliette… and I, on the sky (DynamO Théâtre), Visage de feu (Territoire 80), Les Indiscrétions publiques (Théâtre du Ricochet), FIEL and Duo en vitrine – Azimut Diffusion (Théâtre I.N.K.), Sœurs Sirènes (Libre course), and the workshop Alexis (Ampleman Danse). As a director, she pays particular attention to the relationship between bodies and space in Dans un food court (Espace La Risée), La résurrection de Sainte-Catherine d’Alexandrie (Festival Tout’tout court), and Duo en vitrine – Salle Pauline-Julien (Théâtre I.N.K.). Où sont tes épaules quand tu donnes des coups de pied is her first creation as a choreographer.

Originally from New Brunswick, Sabrina Dupuis graduated from École de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2021. She joined the Compagnie Virginie Brunelle for the piece Les corps avalés, presented throughout Québec. In addition to performing in Copenhagen and Adelaide with Compagnie DansEncorps, she danced in the film Résistance+, which was presented at the 35th edition of FICFA. Sabrina Dupuis also collaborates with choreographers such as Stacey Désilier, Charles Brecard, and Isabelle Van Grimde. On the music scene, she participates as a dancer, choreographer and stylist in recent music videos by Marilyne Léonard and Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire. With six years of teaching experience, Sabrina Dupuis shares her passion for movement in both Montréal and Moncton.

Jessica Gauthier is a dancer based in Montréal. She is currently part of the MWON’D production by choreographer Rhodnie Désir and the project Où sont tes épaules quand tu donnes des coups de pied, powered by Tangente and choreographed by Marie Fannie Guay and Rosalie Dell’Aniello. She is also part of Axelle Munezero’s whacking company Asymmetry. Trained in contemporary dance and having specialized in whacking, her talent has led her to take part in numerous shows: Les Soirées 100Lux at Tangente with Conjuguer crise et empathie by Krystina Dejean, Festival Quartiers Danse with Communicare by Corpus Collective, Festival Dansencore with Le Petit Prince by Vanessa Brazeau, the show Tourment by Axelle Munezero, Showcase Hit The Floor Lévis, among others, as well as several video projects as a dancer – Cirque Éloize with Sept moments de joie, music videos by Odreii, Lydia Képinski, Derek Orsi, Jocelyn Pelichet – and as movement advisor for Duo Poirier-Fortin and Alexiane.

Tessie Isaac is a versatile dancer/performer who has mastered dance styles such as contemporary, hip hop, house, and freestyle dance over the years. She uses these styles in her dance to create her signature style and to help her stand out in the projects she undertakes, such as working with Montréal’s Ampleman Danse company or American company Nickelodeon. She continues to perfect her artistic expression through various local and international programs that have allowed her to win scholarships and by traveling to various cities and teaching in dance schools in Montréal.

Born in Armenia, Sona Pogossian was trained in classical and contemporary dance at the Lyon Conservatory (France) and at the Jeune Ballet de Genève (Switzerland). She continued her training at the Moscow State University of Art and Culture, where she developed her knowledge in character dance. As a freelance dancer and researcher, Sona Pogossian has participated in projects in more than ten countries, such as Anna Halprin’s La danse planétaire in France, a reading performance under the direction of Klaus Karlbauer in Austria, research laboratories on Cavalo Marinho and Frevo in Brazil, and performances with the Ustinova Ensemble in Russia. Recently, she participated in Andréane Leclerc’s new creation in Canada, À l’est de Nod, and at the same time pursued her doctorate in art studies and practices at UQAM, where she attempted to shed light on women’s physicality in wartime.

Originally from the Netherlands, Jacqueline van de Geer crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 to live and work in Montréal. She loves to dress up and to invent stories, and craves the “theatrical”. Her performances are low tech, portable, and DIY. She integrates different disciplines in her practice: storytelling, movement, object-theatre, and improvisations with the audience, who she prefers to address as participants. She invites them in a non-invasive way to become a part of the experience, addressing them directly, drawing them in as if they were in her living room. Creating intimacy and garnering trust are critical to her performance practice.

Kayiri is a multidisciplinary artist who shares her fragmented universe with ease. Of Burkinabe and Québec origin, mixed body and soul, Kayiri will be able to transmit to you her joie de vivre and her freedom through the power and strength of her voice, her poetry, and her violin playing. A violinist by profession, the warmth and accuracy of her sweet voice has already conquered a large audience thanks to the various projects in which she has collaborated, including with K-Iri, Bad Nylon, Nicholas Craven, and many others. She has had the chance to perform in festivals all over the world (Québec, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil, United States, and France) and has gathered a multitude of experiences that she shares in her creations. In addition to music, Kayiri plays on the international boxing circuit and has been Québec’s champion since 2017. Sometimes comical, sometimes dramatic, this multifaceted artist will transport you on a journey of the heart.

Lighting designer and artist Flavie Lemée creates and designs alone but, above all, in a team. She loves collaborating with directors, choreographers and musicians to develop a singular language where light paints poetic atmospheres. Since she graduated from school in 2020, the artist has collaborated on several theatre and music productions in Québec. Along with her collaborations, the artist develops, in photography, an ambulatory approach, where she captures the delicate magic of everyday life and mourning.

Manon Guiraud sees colors and textiles as her favorite tools in creation. After finishing her degree in set design at UQAM, she undertakes a master’s degree with a focus on costumes. She explores cultural interbreeding and the dialogue between art and traditional dances in Colombia through a decolonial lens. As a conclusion, she presents Colombia Colora’, a three-night-carnival where costumes become objects of performance. From 2017 to 2021, she co-directs Le Pictographe, an organization she cofounded which designs creative, offbeat happenings in public spaces. As a costume designer, she has worked with Voyageurs Immobiles, Samsara Théâtre, Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke, and Théâtre Incliné, among others.

Since 2015, Jenny Huot has been collaborating with established companies such as Orange Noyée, Moment Factory, and the World Press Photo for their exhibition. From 2017 to 2022, she’s in charge of the technical direction and building maintenance of Usine C, a national and international creation and presentation centre, for which she will have overseen the ambitious renovation project. This opportunity led her to develop her expertise by taking part in several multidisciplinary creations, such as Atteintes à sa vie (Philippe Cyr) and Vernon Subutex 1 (Angela Konrad). Since then, Jenny has worked with companies such as La Fratrie, L’Activité, and the Festif! de Baie St-Paul to take on new challenges.

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