Illustration by Donna (@donna.verygoodgirl)
LABdiff 2


MARCH 16, 2024 - 7PM

MARCH 17, 2024 - 4PM

MARCH 18, 2024 - 7PM


RATE: 20$



Amara Barner + Taminator + Antonin Desmarais-Godin

LABdiff 2

Put on your slippers, get yourself a drink, and take in three artistic offerings during an eclectic and lively evening for the inaugural season of LABdiff! Following three weeks of exploratory research in our very own underground, Espace Vert, the artists will offer you the fruit of their experiments in the form of a public presentation. With this new presentation model, Tangente opens the doors of its laboratory to cultivate a privileged and intimate relationship between artists and spectators.

20 minutes

Amara Barner

Amara Barner is a BIPOC multidisciplinary artist from Minnesota who currently resides in Montréal. After moving to New York City at 15, Amara trained and worked on freelance projects around the city. At 18 years old, Amara became the youngest dancer ever hired by the Montréal company RUBBERBAND. She toured internationally with the company’s shows Vic’s Mix and Ever So Slightly from 2016 to 2021. Amara was featured in Dance Magazine’s July 2020 issue as an artist “On the Rise.” Amara currently works as a freelance dance artist, while also studying Fibres and Material Practices at Concordia University in Montréal.

Portrait de Amara Barner, dans mongrel présenté à Tangente, crédit Emelle Massariol
Amara Barner
Choreography and performance
Portrait de Elon Höglund, collaborateur de Amara Barner, crédit Gaelle Leroyer
Elon Höglund
Music production
Portrait de Mathieu Leroux, dans MERIDIAN RESPONSE présenté à Tangente, crédit Julia Marois
Mathieu Leroux
Alisia Pobega
Movement consulting
Headshot of Sophie Robert
Sophie Robert
Lighting design

With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Residencies Mariko Tanabe Studio, Concordia University’s VAV Gallery, Danse à la carte, Tangente

Presented at Bancs d’essai – Circuit Est (2022), Concordia University’s VAV Gallery (2021, 2022)

Thank you
Elon Höglund, for steady encouragement, helping hands, love, and words of wisdom.
My mom and sister, who have always cheered the loudest and supported my love for making art.
Sydney McManus, Nicholas Bellefleur, Jontae McCrory, Mark Sampson, for visiting me in rehearsals and offering your insights.
Danse à la carte, for residency space and invaluable mentoring hours with Alisia Pobega and Mathieu Leroux.
Mariko Tanabe, for residency space in 2021.
Rahime Gay-Labbe, for building the structures that house my installations.
CALQ for the research grant that started it all.
Tangente team, for your trust and support.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I rely heavily on my understanding of movement as a foundation for creation. Everything I create is a choreography of intentional energy. The fibres of my physical being, and the fibres within the materials I use, dance together in space. My practice largely reflects my introspections, dreams, and efforts to bring healing and wellness into my life. I choreograph for the body in open-ended pathways that are directed and focused towards an allocated emotional expression. By combining visual and performance art, I find the intersections of commonality that exist in all living realities. My installations are a soft chaos: softness that invites a viewer to investigate the work and their relation to it in an inviting circumstance; chaos, as a messenger of change, an impetus to re-evaluate the known and unknown. Colour is used to enhance and trigger the subconscious. I am inspired by moments in life that are full of duality, moments that ask you to slow down while also quickening your heart beat in excitement. I am inspired by the human body’s physical capacities, which I have explored at great length since beginning to dance as a young child. I am inspired by potential, both realised and that which is only waiting to be discovered. I am motivated to create connections where others see none. I am also motivated to share light where there only seems to be darkness.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Elon Höglund is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly focuses on choreography, directing, and music production. He co-founded the award-winning dance company Tentacle Tribe, which has toured internationally in over 45 countries since its start in 2012. Prior to the company’s creation, Elon had a long career as a freelancing professional dancer, including performing as a soloist for Cirque du Soleil. Elon has taught countless workshops and been invited as a guest teacher at multiple universities around the world. He has also worked as an outside eye/mentor for many international artists and companies.

20 minutes


Taminator, aka Valérie Chartier aka Lady Maddripp, has 40 years of experience in dance, ranging from ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, house, and waacking to krump. Taminator is a pioneer of krump in Canada and an influential and internationally recognised leader in the movement. She has travelled the world competing, teaching, and judging at world-class events. Taminator is also the general and artistic director of the non-profit Montreal Krump Alliance. She is also the director of the LeadHers educational and artistic program, which aims to develop women’s full physical and mental potential through learning the foundations and the essence of krump. She is also a performer and choreographer. She was most recently a contestant on season 3 of the TV show Révolution, and choreographer and performer of the Krump Dualis duet, which was presented in 2022 at Maison de la culture Mercier.

Portrait de Taminator (Valérie Chartier), dans THIN présenté à Tangente. Crédit Seyna Rose
Choreography and performance
Portrait de Alexandra Spicey Landé
Alexandra "Spicey" Landé
Artistic consultation
Portrait de Marion Arinloye
Marion Arinloye aka Big Rulez
Musical direction
Portrait de Catherine Mathieu, crédit Marie-Eve Larente
Catherine Mathieu
Musical consultation (cello)
Portrait de Sophie Robert
Sophie Robert
Lighting design
Vladimir "7Starr" Laurore
Outside eye

Residencies Tangente, Nyata Nyata

Presented at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels, 2023)


Marion Arinloye aka Big Rulez is a music producer, beat maker, rapper and sound designer with over 13 years of experience in music composition, recording, mixing and editing in several music genres in a broad range of industries based out of Paris, France. His love of music and movement started at a young age, and his passion for dance is what sparked his initial interest in beat making and producing. He is a pioneer in the production of krump music in Europe and he also composes various music styles, such as hip hop, house, trap, and movie scores. He has been fortunate enough to work with and produce music for several up-and-coming artists internationally, designed music for theatre shows, TV, dance competitions, and many more. He has released numerous mixtapes that can be found on Bandcamp and popular music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. His passion and dedication has also led him to expand his talents even further with teaching, performance, videography, and photography. His goal is to continue to perfect his craft and inspire people in the process as long as needed.

20 minutes

Antonin Desmarais-Godin

Antonin Desmarais-Godin is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal). His interest in the performing arts first developed on the cusp of adulthood during a trip to Europe, where he was bitten by the circus arts bug through alternative communities. Over the years, his practice has shifted towards dance and contemporary movement, but remains largely inspired by the circus. Antonin’s choreographic work questions the concept of virtuosity, the violence inherent in exceeding bodily limits, and the new thresholds of consciousness this generates. He is also a performer with Productions Carmagnole in the show Les Érotisseries, and a bachelor’s student in contemporary dance at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Portrait de Antonin Desmarais-Godin, dans le LABdiff 2 présenté à Tangente, crédit Abigail Lavigne
Antonin Desmarais-Godin
Choreography and performance
Portrait de Stéphanie Decourteille, crédit Helena Valles
Stéphanie Decourteille
Artistic advice
Portrait de Andrew Turner, collaborateur de Antonin Desmarais-Godin, crédit Justin Desforges
Andrew Turner
Artistic advice
Headshot of Sophie Robert
Sophie Robert
Lighting design
Adrien Poulin
Sound design

Residencies Espace Ouvert, Tangente

Artist and teacher Stéphanie Decourteille founded the contemporary dance and creation program Big Bang in Montréal in 2018, and co-founded the movement artist support organization Espace Ouvert a year later. Professionally trained in ballet and contemporary dance and stimulated by over 25 years as a performer, choreographer and trainer on local and international stages, Stéphanie places the development of professional and pre-professional artists (dance, circus, theatre, performance…) at the heart of her artistic and cultural commitments. In each of her roles as artistic director, creative advisor and movement teacher, Stéphanie Decourteille works to ensure that approaches are valued, skills perfected, and all forms of expression encouraged.

Leaving studies in history and philosophy behind him, Andrew Turner was inexplicably accepted to Concordia University’s Dance program in 2001. He has performed extensively in Canada and abroad with such companies as Par B.L.eux, O Vertigo, Human Playground, PPS Danse, Pigeons International, Maribé sors-de-ce-corps, and others. As a choreographer, he has presented his works in Europe, Mexico, the United States, and over 20 Canadian cities. He has received several awards, and residencies in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. In 2020, he received a Master’s Degree in Dance, with distinction, from UQAM.

Adrien Poulin is a sound artist based in Montréal. Whether as a collaborator or composer/performer, his musical practice is rooted in a desire to tell a story. A story that weaves (and unweaves) itself through encounters, tours, thrills, and a collection of professional experiences with dance troupes and various musical artists. He graduated from Concordia University in 2021 with a degree in jazz studies, and since then has been expanding his practice to new horizons.

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