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Our current orientation in the Édifice Wilder – Espace danse is directed (but not exclusively) towards emerging, local artists in the earlier phases of creating their own performance works. We favour imaginative strategies for audience engagement and experimental work that questions traditional forms of presentation.

Depending on your profile, you are offered two possibilities: the open call for local artists and New Waves for the newly graduated dance artists.

Call for local artist for the 2019-2020 season

The deadline for the 2019-2020 season is : September 14, 2018 for the 2019-2020 season. A consulting committee, including our curator, will make final choices and responses will be sent no later than eight weeks after the application deadline.

Deadline to apply:

  • September 14

Who is it for?

  • professional contemporary dance/movement artists
  • interdisciplinary collective of artists that include dancers

Types of eligible projects:

  • Performances created for theatrical venues
  • Habitations (open form, exploratory working sessions with a group, 1 or 2 weeks)
  • Workshops, seminars, and other kinds of “working groups” of a practical and theoretic nature
  • Digital arts projects (Video, installations, performance)
  • Other kinds of non-traditional “hybrid” projects

Available spaces:

  • Espace Françoise Sullivan
  • Espace Dena Davida
  • Café-bar

How to submit a project?

If you are living and working in Montreal, here is how to proceed when submitting a project:

1st step: Contact our curator Dena Davida, at any time, to discuss your project. Invite her to your performances and/or studio sessions to familiarize her with your aesthetic.

2nd step: After determining, along with our curator, the relevance of your project to Tangente’s programming, fill out the form below completely. Send it in .doc format to our curator Dena Davida by ccing Julie Deschênes.


Open call form – 2018-2019 (Word)


If you live and work outside of Montréal but within Canada, contact our curator. You might also meet her at various events.
If you are an artist living outside of Canada, due to our primary commitment to local artists, we advise you to not submit a project unless you have developed a previous relationship with Tangente. If you travel to Montréal, our curator would be pleased to meet with you in person.

Application for the open call

Send your project to ccing

New Waves

What is at stake for the youngest of dance-makers in an increasingly complex and crowded global art world? The answer is vigorously debated each year through the various outlooks of our jury of emerging choreographers. Five contenders are chosen with care from a field of twenty-five candidates. The resulting programme of short works always bears testimony to the persistence of multiple aesthetic directions, and the sense of urgency among these young professionals.

New Waves is an annual opportunity for five young local choreographers to present their work, often for the first time in a professional environment. More than a platform, we also accompany them as they experience the entire process of producing, mounting and presenting their performance. Each choreographer or collective groupe benefits from a creation residency thanks to our partnership with José Navas/Compagnie Flak.

Five choreographers and/or collective groups are carefully selected among thirty candidates after examination of their project and live auditions by a jury of choreographers. This year’s choices of artists will be made by: Claudia Chan Tak, Nathan Yaffe, Sébastien Provencher and Camille Lacelle-Wilsey.

The Département de danse of UQAM is a partner of Tangente for the auditions.

Application for New Waves auditions

Submissions for the 2018-19 season will be open next Winter.