Danses buissonnières_classe 2012

DECEMBER 13. 14. 15 | 7:30PM


In collaboration with La Rotonde, whose programming enables artistic exchange between Montréal and Québec.

They always herald a next wave. Montréal is truly a mecca for dance training, and each season we open
our stage to a small group of graduate contenders. Discover the propositions of these eager dance-makers
who have been selected by a jury of their peers.

Selection committe
Christiane Bourget (coord) – Dany Desjardins – Annie Gagnon – Thierry Huard – Raphaëlle Perreault
– Andrew Turner

Alliage composite

Élise Bergeron, Philippe Poirier

10 minutes

Performers and Choreographers : Élise Bergeron et Philippe Poirier
Music : Gabriel Ledoux
Costumes : Gabrielle Desrosiers
Light design : Vincent Sauvé
External eye : Tedd Robinson
Photo and video credit : Sébastien Roy


Rosie Contant, Frédéric Wiper

10 minutes

Choreographers : Rosie Contant et Frédéric Wiper
Performers : Rosie Contant et Frédéric Wiper
Music : Véronique Jacques
Light designer : Stéphane Ménigot et Frédéric Wiper
Promotional video editing : Roby Provost-Blanchard


Kimberley de Jong

10 minutes

“We appear in our mother’s womb like a spec of dust, suspended in infinite darkness, time doesn’t exist but we grow. We begin to feel the walls, and begin to hear sounds and feel shocks that come to us from outside. As we grow and grow the distance between us, and the outside world becomes smaller. Finally birth is so violent and chaotic that we’re sure the moment of our birth we are thinking, this is it, and we are dying, Surprise it’s just the beginning! We keep growing and we learn how to use our sense and touch ones skin and the contours, the walls of our world. Sometimes mixed in with all the sounds of our world, we hear shocks that come from another world, this world is always just next to us, accompanies us. In the end we have to die, then we are sure, we are going to go. But some believe, it is just the beginning of something else!”- Lhasa de Sela

Choreographer : Kimberley De Jong
Performers : Kimberley De Jong, Nate Yaffe
Accessories and costumes : Marilène Bastien
Light designer : Caroline Nadeau
« Making of baby head » : Mathieu Léger
Music : Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto  
Creation residency offered by Studio 303

I have used the images of Ruth Gwily from her book of illustrations, “Cycle” as a starting point and inspiration for this creation. It has been both a challenge and illuminating process to derive from a static image and bring the images to life. With movement, dancers Ashlea Watkin, Nate Yaffe and myself have created a context and developed characters for ourselves within the life cycle. We have found ways to symbolize and repeat certain aspects which are inherent within a cycle, wether it be the life cycle or cycles in general. The images within the book cycle are now merely a skeleton for this piece and ,as a trio, we have questioned the larger meaning of the cycle. What it means to grow old while new life is happening simultaneously around us? How are the process’ of being born and dying are largely related both physically and psychologically? And, what keeps us connected within a cycle, is it our relationships to one another, is it our legacy what we leave behind us? We have been exploring all these questions interpretively through CYCLe. We have brought our personal context and experience to aid us in the research for CYCLe.

Kimberley De Jong
Kimberley de Jong has been working for La Comganie Marie Chouinard since 2006. She participated in the creations of “Orphee et Eurydice”-2008 and “Mouvements/Henri Michaux”-2011. She is currently working as rehearsal director for the Company. Prior to living in Montreal she danced for Itzik Galili in Groningen, Netherlands. Kimberley spent a summer in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008 studying “Gaga” dance form, Ohad Naharin, amongst the Batsheva Dance Company. She is interested in Continuum, Linda Rabin, Montreal, QC, as a means to enhance movement and creation within. Her choreographic experience started with a solo created on Jeannie Vandekerkhove “Charlotte’s Web” 2006. She has taught creative movement at the Arts Umbrella School of Dance, Vancouver, B.C. and also taught “Body Remix”, Marie Chouinard repertory at the Springboard 2010, Montreal QC. This year she taught contemporary dance at l’UQAM. Kimberley became a mother in 2009. Kimberley is interested in researching authentic movement motivated by an emotional context, whereby movement comes from real sensations. Choreography is a means to creatively express real ideas in a context which can be shared and whereby those ideas can take on a aesthetic world of their own.

Nathan Yaffe
Nathan Yaffe studied at Purchase College in New York. Since 2007 he has resided in Canada and danced with Le Groupe Dance Lab in Ottowa followed by working with Helene Blackburn, Kate Hilliard, Sasha Kleinplatz, Hélène Langevin, et Georges-Nicolas Tremblay. Nathan also works on his own creations in visual arts and dance video.

Tedd Strauss
Ted Strauss creates original music and sound design for dance, theater, puppet, and spoken word artists. Some highlights are the dance-rock-opera the Duck Wife (2010), the Emergence of language in people and things (2012) with sound poet Kaie Kellough, Everything Changes – Songs of Bertolt Brecht (2011), and A momentary fantasy (2009) with Jess Segal NYC. Strauss also works as an ethnomusicologist with the Kitikmeot Heritage Society, in Nunavut.

Marilène Bastien
Graduate in scenography at the Saint-Hyacinth Cegep, then in interdisciplinary studies in the Fine Arts Faculty, Concordia University. Marilène designs and conceives set designs, costumes and accessories in theatre, circus art and dance. She has designed for dance choreographers such as Ginette Laurin, Chantal Caron, Tony Chong, Manuel Roque, Lynda Gaudreau and Marie Chouinard.


Audrey Rochette

10 minutes

Choreographer : Audrey Rochette
Perfromers : Corinne Crane-Desmarais, Noémie Dufour-Campeau, Patrick R. Lacharité
Music : Laurent Maslé
External eye : Julie Andrée T.
Costumes : Catherine St-Laurent
Rehearsal manager : Kim Henry

I’m faking it

Adam Kinner

10 minutes

In I’M FAKING IT, Adam Kinner asks how changing one’s mind affects our notions of authenticity. Within a structure that deals surrealistically with specific outcomes, Kinner seeks to question our idea that mental fixedness is a road to truth. If we change our mind, have we betrayed ourselves, or have we merely corrected what we had wrong? Have we grown up or have we regressed to a state of infantile indecision?

I’M FAKING IT focuses on the dialogue between interior and exterior space to explore notions permanence and truth. In the interior space of the performer there is another performance going on – one that questions everything and changes its mind often. By bringing this interior performance into the exterior world of the stage we see glimpses of correlation, and we feel the friction of disconnection. We are led to ask, “What meaning remains when the interior world of the performer and the exterior projection of the performance are at odds with each other?” On the cutting block of a performance there remain morsels of truth, cured by the sway of the mind.

Choreographer and performer : Adam Kinner

I’m Faking It was created during a four-day workshop with the performance artist Ivo Dimchev. We started by choosing five topics and writing extensively about each. Each day we had to perform for the group by connecting our various topics and developing the material of each. As we performed, the topics began to fuse and a solo performance took form. In the intervening months, I have continued researching the topics and developing the piece, but it remains largely unchanged.

Adam Kinner
Adam Kinner is a relative newcomer to the dance stage. A trained saxophonist and composer, he spent many years working as a musician – traveling through North America and Europe to perform, and recording extensively with musicians in Montreal and New York. But early on in his artistic development he was heavily influenced by Damaged Goods performances, as well as time he spent observing P.A.R.T.S. showings in Brussels. Dance became a great source for inspiration and material.

In 2008 he did a residency developing solo saxophone material in Banff, Alberta, and his work became markedly more performative, stemming from research about the body and gesture as it pertained to saxophone. Soon he realized that he was more interested in the performative aspects of a musical performance than in the music itself. He did a solo performance workshop with Ivo Dimchev and began collaborating with Montreal dancers in 2011. Now he looks back and wonders what took him so long.


Annie Gagnon (QUÉBEC)

10 minutes

Choreographer : Annie Gagnon
Performers : Isabelle Gagnon, Mélanie Therrien
Music : Arkady Shilkloper, Vladimir Volkov and Sergei Starostin / Masgout Imachev and I. Golovneva
Music editing : Kevin Sandapen
Lightening design : Luc Vallée from Québec and Sylvie Nobert from Montréal

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