Danses Buissonnières 2019

SEPTEMBER 26. 27. 28, 2019 - 7:30PM

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019 - 4PM













The perfect occasion to discover new trends in contemporary dance, this popular annual event introduces the public to the next generation of Québec dancemakers. A jury composed of artists Claudia Chan Tak, Alexandra “Spicey” Landé, Sébastien Provencher, Anne-Flore de Rochambeau and Jessica Serli selected five young local choreographers among forty-three candidates. For many of them, it is their first time presenting work in a professional setting. It is with much anticipation that we launch our season as our tradition requires since there’s never a dull moment with this eclectic program of short and sweet pieces!

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1st work - 10 minutes

_Demerde (UQAM)

En attendant,

In this chaotic word,
Can we simply appreciate the vehicle in which we live?
This body we haven’t chosen, but that carries us;
That we can modify with certain sacrifices (investments).
Can we learn to love its singularity?

Meanwhile, I invite you to meet six fundamentally different bodies.
Let’s learn from their gentleness, their meeting, their mutual support.
Difference is splendid. Let’s not be scared to show it.

Choreographer _Demerde

Performers and creators Marie-Denise Bettez, Didier Emmanuel, Cédric Gaillard (Blösch), Laurence Gratton, Matthy Laroche, Izabelle Pin

Musical director and composer Olivier Fiset

Photographer Nanne Springer

Technical coordinator and lighting designer Sylvie Nobert

Lighting designer Lee Anholt

2nd work - 10 minutes

Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Ponos - à l’épreuve du poids

Heaviness folded et condensed. How does one move forward with a head as heavy as the world? By the ascetic ponos, the being-body exhausts itself, imposes shock upon itself, resists and manages to achieve new heights, to become as resistant as the sky, to come closer to the sublime: this inaccessible ideal which, in its verticality, unburdens the body of its weight. It will be a quest for elevation through challenges, jerking motions, and moments of breathlessness. On the stretched line between pleasure and pain, it will be a challenge to forget weight. It will be about experiencing one’s body to the point that one is able to go beyond it, to better live in the world.

Choreographer and performer Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Composer Yann Villeneuve

Mentor Stéphanie Decourteille

Outside eyes Audrée Foucher, Marijoe Foucher

Technical coordinator and lighting designer Sylvie Nobert

Lighting designer Lee Anholt

3rd work - 10 minutes

Kali Trudel (UQAM)


Because we are all connected by the collective unconscious, how can we know for sure that we are unique and that our decisions belong to us? Inspired by Carl G. Jung’s research, Psukhê is interested in human beings’ conscious and unconscious manifestations. The relationship between dancers can be compared to the collective unconscious since it is created through a connection that is more or less conscious. This influences their temporality, their gravity, etc. Through structured improvisations, the performers seem to reveal their true identity, but their demi-pointe impose on their bodies tense movements that welcome letting go.

Choreographer and performer Kali Trudel

Performers Alexandra Kelly, Izabelle Pin

Rehearsal director and costume designer Adam Provencher

Sound designers Thomas Bruneau Faubert, Élie Raymond

Technical coordinator and lighting designer Sylvie Nobert

Lighting designer Lee Anholt

4th work - 10 minutes

Lara Oundjian

Leaky Im-mediation / Transcorporeal Creeping

Lara proposes a sensorial and shapeshifting solo performance, offering a choreographic attempt to become a body of water. Considering water’s capacity to change form and state, she is interested in layers of mediation that make visible the gap between the imagined and the articulated. She is curious about the poetical and formal implications of circulation and cyclicality, which imply the coexistence of forward motion, repetition, and transformation. The piece moves through performative and felt forms of watery embodiment.

this liquid cycle mediates the source. wring it out. fill the pool one squeeze at a time. i drank and drops of hand DNA put someone else’s words in my mouth.

Choreographer and performer Lara Oundjian

Technical coordinator and lighting designer Sylvie Nobert

Lighting designer Lee Anholt

5th work - 9 minutes

Stefania Skoryna (EDCM)


Driven by enrapturing music, three captivating dancers disarm the audience with sinuous and winding gestures. They alone hold the rules to their timeless game. Their repetitive and echoing movements are embedded in a complex structure based on the expansion and retraction of the elliptical shape, transforming gradually into mesmerizing solos. This hypnotic piece invokes our desire to break free and live.

Choreographer Stefania Skoryna

Performers and collaborators Miranda Chan, Mathilde Heuzé, Raphaëlle Renucci

Composer Olivier Alary

Violist Victor De Conink

Dramaturgy advisor Matéo Chauchat

Technical coordinator and lighting designer Sylvie Nobert

Lighting designer Lee Anholt