Free - On the phone or online

DECEMBER 8 & 9, 2021 - 6 TO 7:30PM

10 minutes

The curatorial team

Winter-Spring 2022 Choreographic Prescriptions

Discover Tangente’s new season through the eyes of our curators Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Élisabeth-Anne Dorléans, Andrea Peña, Marco Pronovost, and Laurane Van Branteghem! On December 8 or 9, in a 10-minute virtual tête-à-tête or phone call with a member of our curatorial team, discuss your tastes, interests and passions, and leave the exchange with a personalized “choreographic prescription” in hand!

Curators Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Élisabeth-Anne Dorléans, Andrea Peña, Marco Pronovost, Laurane Van Branteghem

Performer, choreographer and curator Ivanie Aubin-Malo is a member of the Wolastoq Nation. Her Indigenous roots allow her to deeply appreciate projects that reflect on environmentalism and ethics. Through her actions, she wishes to honour this meeting place by initiating meaningful encounters between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

A Montréal performer and researcher of Haitian origin, Élisabeth-Anne Dorléans received her Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from UQAM. Through her practice as a dance artist, she strives to dig deeply into questions around diversity, equity, and the inclusion of people from diverse cultural communities in contemporary dance in Montréal. This is precisely the subject of her master’s thesis, which questions the place of women of African descent in Montréal contemporary dance.

Originally from Bogota, Columbia, artistic director of Andrea Peña & Artists (AP&A) Andrea Peña is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative practice includes choreography, design, and curation. Her work focuses on the creation of critical, alternative, performative, and design-based universes that question the role of the individual within society. Recognized for creations that are at once conceptual, visceral and rigorous, AP&A has presented its works in Japan, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, Panama, and Greece, as well as locally.

An artist, choreographer, theatre director, consultant and researcher in the performing arts, Marco Pronovost explores the nature of the relationship with the public. On top of working in curation, Marco is a mediator, instructor, and speaker at conferences. He is one of the rare specialists to broach the subject of cultural mediation and engagement with the public as both artist and theoretician, and he characterizes his work as social art (art social).

For author, curator and programming assistant Laurane Van Branteghem, it is those sensitive experiences in which the relationship between the performers, aesthetic experimentation, the singular nature of the voices, and the body’s vulnerability are put forward that particularly inspire her. She works closely with Tangente on its renewal as a space for artistic experimentation in terms of forms, encounters, and political reflections.