OFFTA 2019 - The Wilder

MAY 24, 2019 | 8PM

MAY 25, 2019 | 3PM

A copresentation with
60 min.

Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

Capitalisme tardif

The coming decades will be the stage for a chaos the likes of which humanity has never seen before. Civilization as we know it will disappear: oceans will rise, the air will overheat, and our planet will be shaken by increasingly common extreme meteorological incidents. It would be natural to wallow in fear if you were not, by chance, more cunning than average: the end of the world will be a business opportunity. And since you just paid me twenty dollars, let me explain how you’ll be able to make a buck out of it.

Ideation, text and performance Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

External perspective Gabrielle Côté

Scenography and costume design Estelle Charon, Cloé Alain Gendreau

Lighting design Julie Basse

Projections HUB Studio

Photo and video teaser Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard