OFFTA / Big Mack + WWorkforce trilogie


MAY 31 | 8:30PM

JUNE 1st | 1PM

Big Mack

Collectif Tôle / Maxime Brillon


Around his private domain in Gatineau, in the middle of a garden meadow, William Lyon Mackenzie King assembled fake Greco-Roman and Anglican ruins, made out of real remains of parliaments, burned down banks and family houses, all imported from around the globe.

He made up a world with small bits of truth.

Made ruins out of ruins.

Members of the multidisciplinary Big Mack team, guided par their respective mediums, will attempt to reanimate them.

Creation Collectif Tôle – Maxime Brillon

Author, guide Maxime Brillon

Direction, puppeteer, technical sound Geneviève Labelle

Lighting design, technical direction Ariane Roy

Video conception, visual artist Renaud Jobin-Delaquis

Sound design Pascale Brigitte Boilard

Video game conception Sébastien Johnson

Choreographed and performed by Catherine Beauchemin

Performed by Guillaume Laurin

Video teaser and photo Renaud Jobin-Delaquis

With the support of Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, CCN (Commission de la Capitale Nationale)

Creative residency Carrefour culturel de Notre-Dame-des-Prairies

Maxime Brillon plays, writes, and digs. In 2017, he participated to the Jamais Lu festival with his play Sweatshop portugais. Since 2016, in tandem with Geneviève Labelle, he coordinates the Big Mack project, a textual and staged essay. Tôle is a « polystic » collective made up of magnetic and supernatural love that digs inside profound and personal curiosities in order to try and make way for an alloy of undisciplined and shared grace.

WWorkforce trilogie

Sarah Chouinard-Poirier


WWorkforce trilogie pays tribute to the seemingly ordinary lives of three groups of female workers in the transportation, food processing, and hospital sectors. The performance sheds light on the demands and experiences of these women who bear the scars of sexual discrimination, the unrelenting demand of production, misuse of power, and being overworked. Through a documentary-based approach that is both physical and intimate, Sarah Chouinard-Poirier imagines the portraits of three iconoclastic figures, at once tragic and humourous, encouraging us to rethink the division of labour from a feminist perspective.

Creation and performance Sarah Chouinard-Poirier

Photo Guillaume Adjutor-Provost

Video teaser Hugo Nadeau

Text of the video Marguerite Flavie Richier in 5 pieds 2 – 80 000 lbs from Nathalie Trépanier les travailleuses dans Les femmes aux filet de Claudette Lajoie-Chiasson et les infirmières de Urgence! Deuxième souffle de Tahani Rached(documentaires disponibles sur le site de l’ONF)

Sarah Chouinard-Poirier is an artist and worker. She works with care and cares for others.