OFFTA / moteur + Normal Desires


30 MAI | 20H30

31 MAI | 13H


Enora Rivière


moteur proposes a dialogue between a dancing body and a film-text.
moteur offers an immersion into the dancer’s craft and thought while relaying the audience-reader back to its own body and imagination.
moteur plays with different levels of perception.
moteur speaks of the body, performance, food and emotion, amongst other things. There are, however, neither smoke nor machines.
What if consciousness was simply fiction ?

Conception, text, performance Enora Rivière

Advising Clarisse Chanel

Sound design Benoist Bouvot, Editing Jean-Philippe Derail

Stage Management Clarisse Chanel, Marie Mougeolle

Photo Chloé Larivière

Video teaser Jean-Philippe Derail, Ivan Chaumeil

Production Le Salon

With the support of DRAC Ile-de-France, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (France)

Creative residencies Programme de résidence croisées Québec-France de Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique et de La Briqueterie – Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne, Micadanses (Paris), Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), Centre National de la Danse (Pantin)

Enora Rivière is a dancer, choreographer, writer and researcher. In September 2013, she published her first book, ob.scène, récit fictif d’une vie de danseur, which led to the making of an eponymous choreography, created in December 2014. Through the project moteur, she asserts both her choreographic and literary practice of authorship, continuing her research on the articulation of language and movement.

Normal Desires

Emile Pineault


A lone figure on stage is in constant overflow, its edges blurred by kinetic ecstasy. Impact, flux, repetition, constraint, squeezing, pushing, heat and vibration move us through a series of states and affective spaces. Mobilizing not only the body but also the powerful technologies of the theatre space, Normal Desires conveys a sensory acrobatic experience, subtle yet intense.

Direction and performance Emile Pineault

Lighting and set design Julien Brun

Sound design Joël Lavoie

Dramaturgic advisor Sebastian Kann

Outside eye Peter James

Photo Julien Brun

Video teaser Simon Garant

Co-production Danse-Cité

With the support of Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

Creative residencies Fondation L’Abri (Genève), Jakta78 (Prague), Monument-National

Between dramaturgy, sensoriality, sexuality, embodiment and recycling of his acrobatic practice, Emile’s current research focuses on the acrobatic as a masochistic practice. A practice that transcends the typical pain / pleasure dialectic: the acrobat creates a prominent place for sensations. He makes acrobatics a shared experience, as visceral and palpable for the viewer as it is for the acrobat.