OFFTA / Habiter + Strange moods and dissonant feelings


MAY 27 | 8:30PM

MAY 28 | 1PM


Katia-Marie Germain


In a breakfast table setting reminiscent of everyday reality, illuminated by a single light source, Habiterexplores the relationship between body and place. An aesthetic of chiaroscuro unveils a series of both strange and familiar actions that are punctuated by the intermittent movement of light, and which temporarily plunge the room into darkness. Playing with illusion and time perception, visible and invisible movements of the bodies quietly and subtly alter the visual space as if a painting would come to life before our eyes. We are called on to pay close attention as the familiar becomes an increasingly strange fiction.

Choreography, set design and sound design Katia-Marie Germain

Performed by Marie-Gabrielle Ménard, Katia-Marie Germain

Artistic advisor and repeater Lucie Vigneault

Photo Olivier Desjardins

With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Creative residencies Programme de résidence de création pour la relève artistique en danse du Conseil des arts de Montréal, Programme de résidence croisées Québec-France de Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique et de La Briqueterie – Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne

Based in Montreal, Katia-Marie Germain has been working as a choreographer and performer since 2010. Her practice is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to both body and space, using visual arts composition strategies to further explore choreography. Through movement, stage design, and lighting, she creates environments which either alter, renew, or distort the perceptions of dancer and audience.

Strange moods and dissonant feelings

Sarah Wendt, Pascal Dufaux


“I’m a dancer. When I trained to be a dancer, I was taught to be malleable, flexible, available, strong and to learn the movements of others as quickly as I possibly could. I was essentially training to be a manual labourer.”

On a small stage, a closed-circuit video camera is filming the projection of its own video signal. Between the camera and the projection, a lecture and choreography take place. The result is a mise en abyme of the performative process which uses replay and sampling to explore memory, perception and the brain’s need to find compositional resolution.

Co-creators Sarah Wendt, Pascal Dufaux

Photo and video teaser Sarah Wendt, Pascal Dufaux

With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Sarah Wendt is a choreographer / musician and Pascal Dufaux a visual / media artist, they have been collaborating since 2015. Recent projects include: Work of the dancer: a short term archival device ( Flotilla-biennale of ARCA, Charlottetown), Mixing Ghosts (Symposium of Baie St. Paul, Kinetic Studio – Halifax, Verticale – Laval, QC), Strange moods and dissonant feelings (Mois Multi, Québec).