2017 Edition



Le temps des Lilas

Audrey Villiard

30 minutes

Using video-game controllers, director Audrey Villiard “plays” the film live in the theatre by orchestrating the choice and order of scenes and controlling the pacing and transitions. Her interpretation is accompanied by a live soundtrack performed by Mathieu Charbonneau and Simon Trottier (Ferriswheel, Timber Timbre, Avec pas d’casque et Last Ex).

Directing Audrey Villiard

Interpretation (on video) Sylvie Moreau, Marie-Line Archambault, Léo Allaire-Ouellet

Photo Direction Jean-Philippe Bernier

Artistic Direction Mathilde Corbeil

Digital Luthier Alexandre Burton

Music Performance (on stage) Mathieu Charbonneau, Simon Trottier

Photo Image from movie

Running piece

Jacques Poulin-Denis / Grand Poney

30 minutes

Running Piece is a time-out in the middle of a creation process. Grand Poney built itself a marvellous device that allows us to travel without moving and move without travelling. Here, we exhibit its potential.

Artistic Direction, Choreography & Sound composition Jacques Poulin-Denis

Interpretation Sophie Breton, Claudine Hébert, Alexis Lefebvre and Émilie Wilson

Electronic Design Samuel St-Aubin

Writing Gabriel Plante

Outside eye Jean-François Légaré

Fabrication Omnifab, l’Autre Atelier

Photo Xavier Curnillon

Thanks David Bombardier, Joel Desmarais, Julie Espinasse, Cristobal Lanzagorta, Tangente, l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal.

Grand Poney is an indiscernible, visionary and noble beast. Established in Montreal by founder Jacques Poulin-Denis, the interdisciplinary company devises a hybrid and collaborative process based on choreographic abstraction, musical composition and theatrical dramaturgy. It draws its narrative from the infinite traits of the human existence: our physical and psychic states, our impulses and principles and our relationship to others and to ourselves. We use a measure of unfeasibility to bridge the imaginary to the obvious.

Presented by LA SERRE - arts vivants for the OFFTA festival