Nuit Blanche 2018

MARCH 3 + 4


24 Hours of Vinyl - 18th Edition

Music Is My Sanctuary

March 3 to 4 from 7pm to 7pm

A dance around the clock fuelled by 15 of the best DJs in Montréal, celebrating music on vinyl. Created in Montréal by the team behind Music Is My Sanctuary, this musical marathon attracts renowned DJs who only play vinyl records for the occasion. An entire day built around sharing and musical discoveries. With a complete disregard for genres, DJs will play their best records, moving from jazz to hip hop, passing through disco and electronic. Music lovers will appreciate the quality of the execution and of the performances of this great celebration. Having taken place in the biggest cities worldwide – including Paris, London, San Francisco, New York, Toronto and Vancouver – 24 Hours of Vinyl keeps arousing enthusiasm around the world.

Please note that the room will have to close its doors from 8 to 10AM on Sunday morning for cleaning. Breakfast will be served upon reopening of the doors.

Presented by Discogs

Bouge Anyway - 5th Edition

Ample Man Danse

March 3 from 9PM to midnight

Bouge Anyway is a battle that mixes dance styles in an exhilarating atmosphere. In teams, dancers from different backgrounds boldly face each other to make it through all four rounds and win the final match, all before a panel of seasoned judges. A friendly competition that is the best of both worlds, it’s an exceptional opportunity to witness dancers’ unique know-how and the eloquence of their movement.

PRIZE: 800$ (4 x 200$) for the winning team.

Open to all.

In co-presentation with