Nubian Néné's Untitled (For Now), photo by Simone Acosta


MAY 28, 2024 - 9PM

MAY 29, 2024 - 6PM

CONTENT WARNING: mental health issues

Annual artistic event created on the edge of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA), OFFTA is a festival dedicated to emerging avant-garde creation in live arts. Since 2007, it scans the local artistic landscape in order to highlight creators whose projects trace new avenues in theatre, dance, and performance. The OFFTA grounds its identity on an artistic direction that favors solid and singular approaches, emerging practices, and experimentation.

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45 minutes

Nubian Néné

Untitled (For Now)

Presented in the form of distinct, striking capsules, this work-in-progress explores the broad question of identity, and its ever-changing nature. Nubian Néné is on a quest to face herself and comprehend her mind by exploring the effects of mental health on her creativity. The doubts experienced as a Black Woman Artist have plunged her into a whirlwind of emotions. The effects: anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. The result: developing coping mechanisms and a healing system. The questions: How does one cope with the spiraling episodes of doubt and despair? What place does community have in the healing practice? 

Creation, artistic direction, choreography, poetry, visuals, costume Nubian Néné – A Lady in the House

Co-production and collaboration FRGMNT

Songwriting and composing Sam I Am Montolla

Composing and sound engineering Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin (FRGMNT)

Creative consultant Céline Richard-Robichon

Cinematography Ja James “Jigsaw” Britton Johnson

Dramaturgy and choreography consultant Tatiana Desardouin

Lighting design Jon Cleveland

Creation residencies

  • B-Side
  • CUNY Dance Initiative
  • JCAL + York College, ville de New York
  • Écotone – Espace d’expérimentation
  • Salon58
  • Agora de la danse, Une première fois
  • Circuit-Est, résidence technique (FRGMNT)
  • LA SERRE –  arts vivants, Résidences Radiales
  • Snug Harbor, PASS

Special thanks to

Black People, Haitian People, Ancestors, The Black American Experience that led to its music, dance, and activism. The Haitian Blood that runs through my veins – giving me strength, power, love, confidence, and resistance. The dance communities, my teachers, my elders, the clubs, the dance floor, and all the artists who have changed my life. Coco, Ti Gè, Geto.

Guided by music, architecture, atmospheres, dramaturgy, history, Black American culture and her Haitian roots, Nubian Néné shapes a process that leads to healing while drawing inspiration from experience. In vogue: the incorporation of the visual art of the body and the line, the scenic imagination seen as a photograph in movement, stringing words together on stage, and creating an auditory stimulus that carries and transcends. The quest is to remain faithful to the continuous changes in the self.

Previous creations

  • Dove (2023)
  • Untitled (2023)
  • Passengers Will Be Remembered (2022)
  • dualis (2022)
  • RITUALS (2020)
  • RALLY (2018)
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  • Crown Heights Creatives (2016)
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  • S T A N C E (2015-17)
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  • A Lady in her House (2015)
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  • Lato Oscuro (2013)
  • Two Women (2012)