Fundraising Gala


MARCH 8, 2023 - 6PM




Femmes de création

Let’s celebrate women’s contribution to contemporary creation!

Once again, Agora de la danse and Tangente join forces to put together a vibrant and inspiring event. This evening will honor women’s creativity and the exceptional accomplishment of a figurehead of dance in Québec: Margie Gillis.

All proceeds will go to contemporary dance creators and to Dance Against Violence, a program that helps women who are victims of domestic violence regain control of their bodies through dance.

This cocktail will feature two performances: the grand premiere of OLD, the last full length solo evening of the legendary Margie Gillis; as well as an exclusive look at the latest virtual reality project KOROS.

You can’t come but still want to support us? Make a donation and help bolster the cause!

Vanessa Bousquet
Projects and Logistic Coordinator
Agora de la danse
[email protected]




Louise Harel
Deputy, Minister, President National Assembly of Québec 1981-2008



Marie-Christine Cojocaru
General Manager, Caisse de la Culture Desjardins

Julie Dalbec
Executive Producer, Branded Content, Toast Studio

Louise Davey
President, Louise Davey Inc.

Florence Junca-Adenot
Director, Forum URBA 2015 Professor, Département d’études urbaines et touristiques, ESG UQAM

René Malo
President, Fondation René Malo

Danny Pagé
Lawyer, MPA, President and CEO, M3DP Consulting Inc

Yasna Rouholamini
Product Manager, Ubisoft

Karen Roumégoux
Asset Planner and Manager, Hydro-Québec

Nancy Shoiry
Executive Director, Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal (SHDM)