The Wilder Adventure

We have finally seen the light at the end of our monumental under-taking, nearly two decades in the making, to institute a permanent venue. Tangente is now poised to anchor young dancemakers and innovative choreography at the epicenter of the island of Montréal. As we open this Wilder chapter, an abundance of possibilities is unleashed upon the contemporary dance community.

Enveloped in poetic “skins” drawn from nature motifs, this striking building is a labyrinth filled with convertible performance and residency spaces. As the first edifice in Québec designed specifically for dance, the four multifunctional studio theatres offer near-perfect conditions for choreographic creation and performance events. It is a space for encounters and exchange, exploration and experiences, surprise and freedom. There is already a virtual beehive of activity within!

In this first full season at 1435, De Bleury Street, Tangente proposes you thoughtfully curated evenings in intimate settings, judicious opportunities for audience engagement, bold artistic visions that are intensely personal and also anchored in a global context. Sharply in focus for this and upcoming seasons are dances from “places of oppression,” in particular from Middle Eastern and First Nations artists. As always, Tangente is committed to radical, inclusive eclecticism. All varieties of expressive bodies, cultural communities, aesthetic visions and (progressive-minded) political orientations are welcomed to our stages.

We open this new chapter driven by two distinct forces: resistance through artistic experimentation and social impact, and the persistence necessary to ensure that contemporary dance will shine for years to come.


Stéphane Labbé General director

Dena Davida Cofounder & Curator